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TeamFluent improves team performance and psychological safety by driving better collaboration and communication!

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Today’s world of work is a challenging environment. As its complexity continues to explode, while simultaneously becoming more networked and globalized, collaboration and listening skills become ever so important. We begin learning these skills at school, but we at TeamFluent think this education should continue throughout our professional career.

In changing job roles and situations, people need a wide array of core skills. These include analyzing and solving complex problems, working smoothly together, operating under constantly changing circumstances, and acting responsibly and respectfully towards others.

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TeamFluent is a research-based, practical solution for improving teamwork in real-life situations at workplaces. Since working skillfully together cannot be learned from books or practiced individually, we invite your team to try TeamFluent, together!

Foster inclusion and create psychological safety through better knowledge sharing, clearer work structures and practices, closer listening and equal participation, and constructive and respectful collaboration.

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At TeamFluent, how we work is just as important as what we produce. Being a diverse bunch, we see our culture as our common ground. It is based on our core values which guide our behaviour in everything we do.

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Our story

TeamFluent is a direct continuum of an extensive, multidisciplinary research project called dLearn.Helsinki. Funded by Business Finland, the project was initially set up for creating a research-based solution to develop teamworking skills collectively, and its steering committee consisted of key stakeholders within business life and education.

During the research phase, the TeamFluent solution was extensively piloted and validated with both private and public sector organizations. The project also became a finalist in Helsinki Challenge, the science-based idea competition in Finland, where teams of scientists work on solutions that help the humankind reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The commercialization process resulted in TeamFluent Oy, a Helsinki University spin out company, being born in May 2020.