why teamfluent?

base your team development on actionable, research based insights


TeamFluent is quick and easy to use, and it integrates seamlessly into your existing group work practices. No separate team activities are needed as TeamFluent is meant to be used in real-life work situations.

Become data driven

Unlike most tools on the market, TeamFluent has its roots in extensive research. It’s not just a survey; it’s scientifically proven, psychometrically sound instrument which is specifically designed for contextual evaluation of concrete work practices.

use long-term

TeamFluent is designed to be used consistently along you and your team’s journey. If you want to get better at something, you don’t try it once and just leave it there, right? TeamFluent will support your team throughout the year, focusing on mastering one manageable set of skills at a time.


Watch your team and yourself progress by using detailed reporting options. TeamFluent has instant and effective visualization of skillful collaboration and teamwork, also showing development over time. All reporting is mobile enabled.

learn what matters

We designed TeamFluent to support the skills which truly drive team performance in the modern world of work. To ensure its effectiveness in different environments, TeamFluent has been extensively validated with dozens of private and public sector organizations.


While growing, TeamFluent's data pool will allow you to see which development actions have been most effective for teams at same stage of development, with similar challenges and learning opportunities, in your industry, function and geographical area.


If you’re looking for a onetime intervention to see where your team stands at a moment, or a team pulse tool to send random polls and questions to your team members just to check up on them, TeamFluent probably isn’t your cup of tea.

If you and your team are up to embarking on a goal-driven development journey, to repeatedly and consistently evaluate your teamwork in real-life situations, and really learn critical and research proven collaboration and listening skills, then TeamFluent is a perfect fit.